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The important role SEO should play when developing your marketing strategy


Akash Saikia


January 3, 2022

Home Personal The important role SEO should play when developing your marketing strategy

You might have heard a million times that Search Engine Optimization is an essential tool for digital marketing. But d know how it works? You might have a basic understanding of the process, but you need to have a solid grasp of this complex and multilateral tool.

SEO is essential because it increases your website's visibility, which means your website gets more traffic and more chances to turn prospects into customers. As a result, the need for SEO rose to an all-time high in 2021. As consumers shifted to online shopping, traditional businesses realized that they needed to move to the digital world to boost sales.

Critical elements of SEO marketing.


There was a time when keywords were the only SEO technique that mattered to digital marketing strategy. Keywords are still as necessary, but the only difference is that keywords should be researched well before use and choose those keywords with the highest search rank.

What are keywords? Keywords are the words or phrases frequently used when searching for something on the internet. Keywords help prospects to reach your website. When working with keywords, it is essential to use keywords with a high search rate and low competition.

It is also important to incorporate keywords that are short tail (such as dog), long-tail (such as golden retriever for sale), and local keywords (such as golden retriever for sale in Singapore). You should also have a list of secondary keywords along with primary keywords. At last, don't forget to use keywords to optimize the URL, titles, and all other on-page SEO elements.


Content is a crucial part of SEO as it is the medium you use to reach your audience. Therefore, it is essential to maintain consistency with content marketing and SEO. New, creative, and unique content gets speedily indexed and ranks higher than old and repetitive content.

Content is of various forms, including webpage content, videos, blogs, podcasts, infographics, listicles, how-to guides, social media posts, white paper, and e-books.

For instance, if you own a jewelry brand and want to increase your visibility, you can publish a chain of blogs about different types of jewelry, maintenance of jewelry, trends in jewelry, the significance of other stones, and more. Then, when a person is looking for care of jewelry on the internet, your blog might come up in search results, and you will be able to build a bond with the prospect by providing relevant information. The purpose is that when the person thinks of buying jewelry, your brand will pop in their mind first.

Off-page SEO

As the name suggests, off-page means outside your website. Off-page SEO is the practice of optimizing your website through external links rather than on your website.

The chief technique used for off-page SEO is building backlinks as virtuous backlinks to your website from external websites will tell the search engine that your website is high-quality and valuable, which will help in building authority.

There are various ways of building backlinks to your website. Still, the primary method is guest blogging, creating numerous infographics that are shared a lot, and implementing influencer marketing on your content.

Local SEO

Local SEO is becoming rapidly crucial as more people use mobile to search for anything on the internet. Statistics show that 60% of the searches are on mobile devices lately, out of which half is with the local intent.

For example, you own a cafe. So when people are looking for the best eateries in their city, your cafe's website will show up in the search results.

Other than local keywords, use other local SEO techniques like claiming directory listings, designing location-specific pages for your website, and creating doorway pages for your business like on Google Maps and Google My Business local directories.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) means paid advertising and marketing strategy. It involves Google AdWords, native ads, pay-per-click (PPC), social media ads, display ads, Google Shopping ads, and more.

Although SEM isn't the most critical component of SEO, it does help in reaching a new and broader audience. You can make your unique SEO and SEM work together by creating a website that is well optimized with keywords and has various sponsored ads that target appropriately using the right keywords.

A few examples of SEM advertising:

  • Performance indicators like cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through rates (CTR).
  • Targeted and paid campaigns.
  • Keyword-based copies that mainly target your business products.

Importance of SEO when developing a marketing strategy.

Visibility & Ranking

One of the chief functions of SEO is escalating the website's visibility, which means making it easier for visitors to find your website when they are searching for something you offer. Visibility is associated with the website's ranking.

The higher your website ranks on the search engine result page (SERP), the more prospects will see your website leading to higher click-through; hence it is vital to increase your organic page.

The more effective your SEO efforts are, the higher your website will rank and reach a wider audience. Reaching a wider audience, i.e., visibility, is especially important as not many users go beyond the first SERP.

Website Traffic

One of the most important goals of SEO is increasing website traffic. It can increase when your website's visibility and ranking increase. Imagine this for a minute, the #1 spot on search engines gets almost 32% CTR and moving up just one point in search results can grow CTR by a whopping 30.8%.

The scared vessel for many marketers and advertisers is the 'featured snippet,' referred to as spot #0, because it pops up above the first ranked link. Usually, the content grasped from the landing page answers the question people most often search for; it can also generate substantial organic click-through rates.

If you wish for more people to visit your website via a search engine, you need to practice SEO techniques to help your website rank in the top five positions and then reach the first position.


Authority means that your website is relevant, trustworthy, high quality, and possesses something to offer. Page Authority is growingly important for search engines as it is becoming essential for users.

Page Authority score ranges from 1 to 100. The higher is your website's score, the more authority it has. You can check your website's PA rating by using various tools like Moz and others available on the internet.

While getting a higher PA rank is tough, experts believe it is directly associated with the link's profile - the higher the external link from reliable sources leads to your website, the more credible your website becomes.

Better Visitor Experience

Another reason SEO is essential is that all the efforts you invest in curating content and on-page SEO Optimization enhance the accessibility of your website. In addition, it creates a flawless and positive consumer experience.

For example, when you take measures to make your website responsive, it will make it accessible for all the users who visit your website from mobile devices and laptops or desktops.

Likewise, enhancing your website page load speed will decrease the bounce rate and stimulate visitors to spend more time on your website. Consumers expect websites to load as fast as they can. The longer it takes for pages to load, the higher becomes the bounce rate and lowers your conversions. 

Search Engines are Fallible

SEO is vital because search engines are not flawless. If you don't take measures to oppose their failings, your website will have to pay the price.

Say your website does not have a suitable link structure, then the search engines will not be able to crawl and index your website correctly, leading to lower website rankings. Irrespective of how much time you invest in SEO efforts, a coding error will block search engines entirely, leaving your website without any rank.

Other familiar places where search engines can run into troubles are:

  • Language and semantics
  • Forms
  • Duplicate pages
  • Non-textual content like images, videos, flash, audio files

With SEO experts, it will be easy to spot these errors and fix them. Now that you know about the elements and importance of SEO, you will need an SEO expert who can implement all the strategies to optimize your website. So drop us a message, sit back and watch us optimize your website, and boost your sales.

Akash Saikia

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